An overview of Dual Lipid Oxidation – DLO Effects

After years of research, German scientists have found a unique way to lose body fat. The German scientists have found a natural body mechanism which can defeat obesity and reduce the amount of excess body fat constantly. The process is called “Dual Lipid Oxidation”.

dual lipid oxidation

Dual Lipid Oxidation

The process is a metabolic process which takes place in the liver. In the liver, the process is accelerated by a mixture of omega-3 fatty acid and medium-chain triglycerides. We all know that mitochondria are the powerhouse of a cell. Each liver is gifted with both mitochondria and peroxisomes, these burn fat to produce energy. When both function simultaneously, they burn fatty acids from the unwanted excess fat. To have the best results it is essential to maintain the diet with a constant supply of medium-chain triglycerides and Omega-3 fats.

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Omega-3 fats
Products – source fatty acids Omega 3 (mackerel, camelina oil, rapeseed oil, organic egg, pumpkin and flax seeds, walnuts) on a round wooden board

Medium chain triglycerides have a pattern; they directly travel from the intestine to the liver. They are not stored on the hips as a new fat. This makes them ideal for the fat burning process. Medium chain triglycerides are ideal because they go directly to the liver to stimulate the mitochondria. On the other hand, peroxisome burns only omega-3 fats. So when both fats are taken simultaneously in an adequate amount, it boosts the degradation capacity of the liver for endogenous fatty acids from adipose tissue.

When this procedure takes place, it results in the gradual melting of excess body fat. When it comes to regular formula diets with the principle of dual lipid oxidation all muscles and the basal metabolism are retained so that the hideous yo-yo effect can be avoided. This procedure of burning fat has other benefits too. This process also provides better blood values because of the healthy fats.

The risk for cardiovascular disease decreases because both the “bad” fats and bad LDL cholesterol amounts are reduced. Fats are very filling. It makes us feel full even when we consume a little amount. In this diet, as there is high-fat content, it is extremely filling and nourishing. Thus it makes long term weight loss without hunger imaginable.

Benefits of DLO

Dual Lipid Oxidation has numerous benefits, such as it reduces the amount of; arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular problems, cancer, strokes and heart attacks.

Now let’s come to the part where we know who discovered this unique method of weight loss?

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Kloer

The unique method was discovered by a German Metabolism Expert named Dr. Hans-Ulrich Kloer.  He is an expert at the University of Giessen which is situated in Germany.

Ranging from children to the elderly, DLO has benefits for a wide range of people. Besides, pregnant women and the people who take part in different sports are also benefited from it. A detailed discussion of the benefits of DLO is given below:

For people of all ages, DLO optimizes brain functionality and increases energy level and endurance. Besides, it helps to manage weight by burning fat and decreasing cholesterol. DLO further plays a role in the reduction of inflammatory tendencies i.e. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. 

For mental illnesses like ADD/ADHD in children, it might be beneficial.

Most of the teenagers become conscious of their appearance as they tend to have increased skin acne and dryness. As they go through a phase of growth, they go through depressive periods. Females face a new natural phenomenon of menstruation. These new physical and mental changes might cause frustration and difficulties. Fortunately, DLO can help to reduce all of these hardships.                  

When young adults enter adulthood, most of them still want to live in their youth, not being able to handle the pressure of adulthood. Their depression hits high heights. Their risks of heart diseases might also increase, with an increase in blood pressure. As of physical traits, they still want to look young. DLO has all the properties of decreasing heart-disease risk and blood pressure, along with anti-aging properties. 

heart disease risk
Heart Disease

With the increase of age, elderly people become weaker day by day. They have the highest risk of having heart diseases and inflammatory tendencies like Alzheimer’s. DLO effectively minimizes these risks.

Pregnant women often remain concerned about the health of their baby. They try different unnecessary methods to care for them. But DLO effectively enhances different qualities like brain function and eyesight of the baby. With no doubts, DLO is great support for the baby. Besides, after delivering the child the mother seems to gain weight at a fast rate causing them to become obese. DLO can help to manage this obesity.

Focus is a very important aspect for those who are willing to take part in sports. They need to dedicate their time and mind to achieve their goals. DLO helps to attain this focus so that they can stay on track. DLO also increases endurance which is necessary for them to reach their aim. 

From this discussion, we have come to know that DLO has innumerable benefits. These benefits help us in every aspect of our lives. So there is no doubt to choosing DLO as the remedy to our problems.

DLO and Medical Conditions

DLO is beneficial in a number of medical conditions.

Our vascular bundles affect a great part of our health and well-being as it runs throughout our body keeping our blood flow intact. Due to our unhealthy lifestyle and activities, our vessels are affected causing serious diseases like Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, Heart Attacks, etc. DLO is effective in these diseases as it contains particular ingredients.

Arteriosclerosis causes the vessels to change throughout the years without being detected. The artery walls accumulate blood fats and leukocytes i.e. plaques. The vessels gradually become less elastic and narrow, obstructing the blood flow. Preventive actions must be taken for arteriosclerosis as it cannot be cured by medication. By restraining from bad habits like smoking and laziness, combined with DLO, arteriosclerosis can be brought under control.


When the blood supply to the heart is interrupted, a heart attack occurs. Brain strokes also occur when the blood flow to the brain is blocked. As oxygen is supplied through blood (hemoglobin), due to the obstruction, oxygen cannot reach the organs and thus, they stop functioning. Heart attacks can also occur as a result of arteriosclerosis. So by reducing the effect of arteriosclerosis, balancing fatty acids, and improving the ability of blood flow, DLO can prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Thrombosis is another type of vascular disease caused due to a blood clot. Obesity and body fat accelerates the development of thrombosis. If a diet is prepared based on DLO, the risks of obesity decrease, keeping us safe from the effects of thrombosis.

Some autoimmune diseases like asthma, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc can also be positively influenced through DLO by reducing the inflammatory process and balancing fatty acids.

Asthma is a very common disease which causes shortness of breath, chest tightening and anxiety. By reducing inflammatory tendencies, DLO can prevent asthma.

Young woman using an asthma inhaler as prevention

Allergies are also common for sensitive people caused due to repeated contact with allergens. Allergies cause itching, runny nose, shortness of breath, etc. By balancing fatty acids and creating a therapeutic effect, along with treatment, allergies can be reduced.

Diabetes is one of the common and long-lasting diseases. It occurs due to the increased sugar level in blood and lack of insulin. Obesity, intake of too much unhealthy foods, smoking, etc. greatly increases risks of diabetes. DLO plays a role in improving insulin levels. Side by side, it also helps to control the fatty acids. Alongside a proper diet, DLO can play a significant role in managing diabetes. 

Diabetes Test

Metabolic syndrome is also a disease which occurs by combining different disorders. It happens because of insulin resistance. This causes body cells to lose energy and decelerates fat metabolism. Insulin resistance happens because of unhealthy diets, laziness, and obesity. DLO effectively reduces these tendencies and reduces metabolic syndrome. 

From the detailed discussion, we have come to know about the various ways DLO helps to control medical conditions. This gives us a clear idea about the importance and benefits of DLO.     

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