Bulletproof Coffee – Keto Friendly

Bulletproof Coffee

Keto coffee is a type of warm drink which consists of coffee, butter, and oil. The outlook of this coffee is pretty creamy like a latte.

Promoters of keto coffee or Bulletproof coffee state that it has a lot of benefits, such as:
● Having a high energy level in the morning
● Reduces hunger
● Boost mental focus

The concept of butter coffee might not be the usual choice of drink. But people around the world are very impressed with the benefits of butter coffee. This drink is a powerhouse of caffeine because of the slow release of energy from the butter.

Black coffee is hard to drink for a lot of consumers as it has a bitter aftertaste. Butter coffee, on the other hand can be made with creamer or sugar. But if a person is following the keto diet then it is not appreciated if they add creamer and sugar.

Bulletproof coffee with Omega3 MCT oil
Bulletproof coffee with Omega3 MCT oil

Bulletproof Coffee

Dave Asprey is the person who holds the trademark of Bulletproof Coffee. This drink is a part of his Bulletproof diet, this diet recommends consumers to consume fatty foods with low carbohydrate. This type of diet is usually labeled as a ketogenic diet, but this diet puts a lot of attention on vegetables. But Asprey has received a lot of criticism as critics thought that his diet is unscientific as he doesn’t have a medical or nutritional education.

The idea of Bulletproof Coffee came to Asprey when he was traveling through Tibet. When he was in Tibet he tasted a lot of tea made with yak butter. Asprey states that Bulletproof coffee increased his IQ score by 20 points and also improved his focus and weight loss.

The best way to have Bulletproof coffee is to brew hot coffee and add unsalted grass-fed butter along with MCT oil.

Butter Coffee

While Bulletproof coffee is a distinct brand name, butter coffee is a bit more common of a term. You can make butter coffee by blending different kinds of butter and/or oils into the coffee.

Some of the most used jars of butter or oils to add to coffee are:
● Coconut oil
● Pure MCT oil
● Grass-fed butter
There are no perfect rules for making butter coffee. Try different kinds of butter and oils to suit your taste.

  • Preparation
  • Brew a fresh coffee (150-250 mL)
  • Add 25g of Coconut Oil
  • Add 25g of butter
  • Use a mixer to combine the oils and get the creamy foam on top

Benefits of Butter Coffee

There are uncountable benefits of drinking butter coffee. The range of benefits starts from improved cognitive function to increased weight loss. As the concept of butter coffee is very new, there isn’t a lot of scientific evidence about its effects.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil was once very well known for its skin health benefits. People in the past used this oil as a natural sunscreen. But now the use of coconut oil has become more diverse. Numerous people use coconut oil for cooking or baking. And now people are also using coconut oil in their coffee. Coconut oil is very beneficial as this oil consists of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). Fatty acids in coconut oils are mostly MCTs. Coconut oil also reduces the amount of heart disease.

Bulletproof coffee with Coconut Oil, MCT & Butter
Bulletproof coffee with Coconut Oil, MCT & Butter

Another benefit of coconut oil is weight loss. In studies, it is proved that virgin coconut oil reduces the waist circumference. Cancer is becoming an alarming sickness day by day. Cancer patients who go through chemotherapy can have an improved lifestyle if they consume coconut oil. When a cancer patient consumes coconut oil, it benefits them a lot. It reduces the amount of fatigue they feel. Also, cancer patients have improved sleep and sexual function. This gem of oil as its downside too. As coconut oil has a very high-calorie count. People who follow diets with restrictive calories might not be benefited from coconut oil. Although coconut oil has many health benefits, it might not be the best choice at times.

MCT Oil:

Coconut oil only has 50 percent MCTs. If you want the optimum results then you should use oils with 100 percent MCTs. MCT oil powders have hundred percent MCTs. MCTs can be recognized as efficient forms of saturated fat for energy production.

MCTs are absorbed very quickly in the body. And then it is metabolized into energy. This process takes place in the liver. The energy is very readily converted to ketones. Ketones are a high fat source of fuel. This source of fuel keeps humans energetic all throughout the day. Ketones provide long-lasting energy. If a person is following a keto diet then the person should surely try MCT oil.

MCTs have a lot of benefits. One of the major benefits is that it quickly converts to ketones. As the benefits ketosis is very known then using MCT oil should be a great option. MCTs, boost the production of ketones so the ketosis takes place faster. For quick results of ketosis, MCT oils are essential. MCT increases the rate of metabolism. This means MCT oils improves the rate of weight loss. MCT oil is directly connected to the function of the brain. Intaking MCTs on a regular basis can improve memory as MCTs produce higher ketone levels.

Higher ketone levels improve brain function. MCT oil also prevents cardiovascular diseases. Studies have proved that intaking regular MCT oil has reduced the amount of bad cholesterol in people. This study proved that MCT oil reduces the amount of long term heart disease. Diabetes is a scary disease but MCT oil helps in controlling the insulin levels in patients. MCTs tend to minimize diabetic symptoms as they increase the rate of blood ketone production.

MCT oils have very fewer side effects. One is that it large amounts like in this Bulletproof-Coffee can be a bit heavy on the stomach when you start. But aside this there are almost no side effects and your stomach gets adapted to higher levels of MCT quite quickly. So when you are following a keto diet MCT oils are a huge part. MCT oils are very popular because it is very healthy and it also energizes both body and mind.

Grass-Fed Butter:

Along with MCT oil and coffee, butter is also important for butter coffee. Butter coffee requires grass-fed butter. Grass-fed butter is not a very hard concept to understand. Grass-fed butter is butter which is made from the milk of cows which are fed fresh grass. When grain-fed cows and grass-fed cows come in comparison, grass-fed dairy products are healthier. Grass-fed butter is healthier because it contains higher Omega 3 and Vitamin K. Foods with a rich level of Omega 3 fatty acids has cardiovascular benefits. There are a lot of positives of consuming grass-fed butter. But one of the most attractive benefits is that grass-fed butter is a rich source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). This increases fat loss. Foods which contain CLAs have the power to prevent cancer.

Keto Coffee with Omega-3 MCT

Although there are a number of ways to make your Bulletproof or Keto Coffee, there is a way to make the “perfect” Keto Coffee with Omega-3 MCT. Omega-3 MCT is made with a number of ingredients that help burn your fat and give you the health conditions that you might always like to be.

perfect Keto Coffee with Omega-3 MCT
Perfect Keto Coffee with Omega-3 MCT

Let’s have a look at the benefits of Omega-3 MCT:
There are three Omega 3 fatty acids, ALA (alph-linolenic acid) which is found in vegetable oil, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which are found in fish oil.

  • EPA and DHA are the most important and “good” Omega 3 fatty acids. (Omega3-MCT has very high levels of EPA and DHA!)
  • EPA has several important functions in the body. It regulates blood pressure, decreases blood clotting, regulates the lipoprotein metabolism, inhibits allergic and inflammatory processes and has a positive effect on the heart rate and pain perception.
  • DHA has a basic function in brain development and eyesight in embryos and young children. DHA also supports the transmission of stimuli to nerves and helps in the prevention of dementia.
  • EPA and DHA lower your insulin levels, so the extra calories you eat are burned off for energy, instead of being stored as body fat.
  • Omega 3 oils are also anti- lip genic (block fat storage) and increase your metabolic rate, so you burn body fat faster. This results in the suppression of the production of cortisol, a stress-related hormone that also causes you to store vs. burn off extra calories.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids were proven to improve the blood flow to muscles during exercising, thus increasing your body’s ability to burn more fat.
  • A diet rich in omega 3 oils improves the blood sugar levels hypoglycemia so you have more energy (and drive) to workout.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids increase your body’s production of energy and the liver function which is your fat-management organ.

So, if you mix Omega-3 MCT with your bullet coffee it will be much more effective than any other things you add.

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The concept of Butter Coffee is very simple. Combining three ingredients can give a healthy body and a well-functioning brain. You can make your own with MCT-oil and butter or make an even better one with Omega3-MCT. But the consumption of butter coffee should be moderated properly. Because too much of something is never good. If you consume Butter coffee in the mornings please try to maintain a healthy diet along with it. If you want to reach a deeper level of the ketosis then the diet is very important along with the coffee as both complement each other.

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